Iran and Russia, a bright future

In the beginning, human beings used the most basic method and through the exchange of goods for goods to meet their needs and requirements, and with the growth of the population, the variety of products and the emergence of great civilizations, the early trades also expanded over time, and today all kinds of Commercial methods of developing complex financial, transportation and legal laws and establishing specialized organizations and institutions in trade have replaced the traditional methods.

Based on our duty and mission, we intend to be a safe bridge between the businessmen and producers of our dear country Iran and the countries of Central Asia, especially the federal state of Russia, using our experienced teams and experiences.

And in this regard, with the cooperation of public and private organizations and institutions related to the trade and production of the two countries and the producers and traders who are active in the region, the fields of information, providing information needed by the commercial parties, advertising, marketing, export and import of goods. We are needed by the parties, holding specialized exhibitions, sending business delegations, holding B TO B meetings and all the requirements of traders and producers in Iran and Russia.